More clippings from D.C. Music Download

by Elliott Wallace

The Masterminds Behind Trillectro

 Modele Oyewole, known as Modi, reminds me a bit of the early legends of Sean “Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy” Combs. You can hear his drive, his hustle, his ambition whenever he talks about a project he’s working on. And after seeing all Oyewole has done with DC to BC, his blog that’s now grown into a stellar team of promoters and trendsetters, he would be remiss not to brag. The five-man team that makes up DC to BC—Oyewole, Quinn Coleman, Marcel Marshall, Jason Mowatt, and Erick McNair—has spent years hustling and making a name both within and beyond the local music scene. Their crowning achievement to date, the Trillectro Music Festival which debuted last summer, will be back for its second year this August.

Maracuyeah: Opening Doors for Latin Music in D.C.

Maria Escobar and Kristy Chavez, who spin under the names DJ Mafe and DJ Rat respectively, have been playing the D.C. club scene together as Maracuyeah for the past two years, bringing to the floor a unique mix of Spanish rock and dance music, with the added flair of global beats and electro-styled funk, spiced by rumba, cumbia, reggaeton, and more.

How Moombahton Became D.C.’s Breakout Music Genre

In less than five years, moombahton—a genre combining house and the groove of reggaeton—has propelled itself in terms of popularity from a local sensation to a fixture of the international EDM scene.