Nikki Smith

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This episode of the Seven Song Mix features local musician and artist, Nikki Smith. With her roots in California, Smith has dug out a unique position in the Nation's Capitol as a member of the band Freeform Radio and the founder of She sits down and talks about her classic rock upbringing in the Orange County and how she became a part of DC's LGBT music scene. And she tries to justify Dave argument no one ever wins. 


Also Ladies Rock This is holing a benefit show for Girls Rock DC Camp July 5. For More, follow the link.  


AND WE ARE BACK....With Zach Carter from Drunk Tigers

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Hey you awesome people. The Seven Song Mix is back with my guest Zach Carter from the band Drunk Tigers. We chat about growing up in Virginia, trying to be a teen in the early 90's and how The Replacements and Fugazi made a deep deep impact on Zach. Also, there's a bit at the end where we discuss some music techniques so stay with the podcast to the end. It's good, yeah!

Gotta say it's nice to be back with this, me and Zach had a lot of fun talking about music and I hope you dig it.