Nikki Smith

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This episode of the Seven Song Mix features local musician and artist, Nikki Smith. With her roots in California, Smith has dug out a unique position in the Nation's Capitol as a member of the band Freeform Radio and the founder of She sits down and talks about her classic rock upbringing in the Orange County and how she became a part of DC's LGBT music scene. And she tries to justify Dave argument no one ever wins. 


Also Ladies Rock This is holing a benefit show for Girls Rock DC Camp July 5. For More, follow the link.  


AND WE ARE BACK....With Zach Carter from Drunk Tigers

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Hey you awesome people. The Seven Song Mix is back with my guest Zach Carter from the band Drunk Tigers. We chat about growing up in Virginia, trying to be a teen in the early 90's and how The Replacements and Fugazi made a deep deep impact on Zach. Also, there's a bit at the end where we discuss some music techniques so stay with the podcast to the end. It's good, yeah!

Gotta say it's nice to be back with this, me and Zach had a lot of fun talking about music and I hope you dig it.

Hiatus is still going....huh.

by Elliott Wallace

I don't know exactly what's holding me from doing more 7 Song Mix episodes. I really enjoy doing it, but for some reason, I'm a little drained on time and motivation. Yeah, it's motivation, that's a bit low.

Well, as the song goes, it's a new dawn, it;s a new's a new year. So let's start is off with a podcast. Yeah?

Long Hiatus Huh?

by Elliott Wallace

Hey babies,

So, there have been some complications over the last few months, which is why the Seven Song Mix had to take a bit of a hiatus. However, with everything back together, the future is looking so bright, I need to wear shades, as Hurricane Sandy bears down upon us. Anyway, stay tuned because new episode will be coming up and I will be blogging more. You have my promise as an American, home of the eagle. Peace. 


EH Wallace

Seven Song Mix Plug One with George Knowles

by Elliott Wallace

The first in many podcast, the Seven Song Mix. We look into people's lives through the music that connected, distracted, defined and informed who they are.

My first episode is with my good friend and grad school classmate, George Knowles. George talks to me about how hardcore punk rock had the biggest influence on his life, as he bounced around the world from, D.C. to Turkey to the United Kingdom and back to America. He also shares how a cheesey synth riff still has a huge impact on him.

Seven Song Mix Daniel Castle asks What Would Macho Man Do?

by Elliott Wallace

My mate Dan Castle sits down in my apartment to talk about going how he went  from classic rock to pop-punk to punk rock throughout his musical life. We also talk about Wal-Mart's censorship policy, mean girls, David Letterman and how Macho Man Randy Savage saved us all from the apocalypse. Yeah, we go there.

Seven Song Mix Bustin it up with Darius

by Elliott Wallace

My mate Darius Spaulding drops by the studio (ok, apartment)  to talk to me about when he first stated bobbing his head to Coolio and Busta-Bus.  Darius also talks about how much he hated certain one hit wonders and how he has a secret love for Ms. Jackson. (To be sure, I am quite nasty, so I can call her this.) (Note: I'm not speaking through a phone or tin cans, I was just trying to fix my amplification on my vocals. I think I'll be using Audacity for that from now on.) 

Seven Song Mix Skankin with Cami

by Elliott Wallace

We finally have some lady energy in on the seven song mix. The spunky Cami Schaeffer joins us as we talk about her New Jersey/Philadelphia upbringing and how she started listening to ska and learning how to skank at the tender age of seven(well not really). We talk a bit about the Jersey rock scene and about her triumphant victory as the Winner of a Skanking Contest at Ska Weekend in Tennessee. We also argue a bit about the death metal stylings of James Taylor. And we get a little depths of music I hated growing up.

Seven Song Mix- Ra-ra-Roz

by Elliott Wallace

It's been a while since we had a podcast, but this one is a doozy. (Well, not that much of a doozy.) Another college friend, the radio Nazi, Roz Vanderpool stops by the apartment  and talks to me  about listening to Stevie Wonders and The Lion and then transfering into Jeff Buckley and Mumford & Sons. We also talk a bit about the ol days at out college station 91.3 WXAC and her identity crisis growing up between the US and the Domincan Republic. Also, we talk about the creepiness of....Raffi. 

Seven Song Mix Mah-mah-mah My Melissa

by Elliott Wallace

Another fun pod with my good friend Melissa Muenz. This episode, we go deep into our emo-Americana leanings with some Bright Eyes, late-90's TRL pop, the late great Miley Cyrus (just in case she passes away when this is released) and more.